02 February 2007

Green Sformatini

Again? She made sformatini again???
Oh yeah! And you know why? Because they are so simple I’m not ashamed to show them on this blog forever and ever.
Yeah, ok, but she could choose not to publish them!
And why???? The way I made them is absolutely the same, but I slightly changed the ingredients and they are superb!!!

Last week, reading a post by my friend Ilva, I realized that cauliflower and broccoli stalks are edible and you could do something with them, something tasty, and something edible!
So I boiled them and I mixed them with a mozzarella, some stracchino, half a teaspoon of red curry paste, two egg yolks and some Parmesan. That’s it! Oven and it’s cooked, edible, tasty, healthy and good!!!!! And if you don't put the egg yolk you can enjoy it like that, maybe with pasta or over bread...

P.S. The picture is always part of the set "Piperita bought bargain linen napkins"...