09 May 2007

I have a new idol!

I love food communities, and I think Serious Eats is one of the best: they are funny, wit and smart and they have that certain edge (that I like) when speaking about food: it's a serious matters, ok, but a bit of lightness never hurt anybody!
through them I've just discover my new idol: Mr. Minimalist Mark Bittman! I love his article on no expensive kitchen equipments: he couldn't be more right!!!
I know that he's well know in America (hell! He writes for the New York Times), but as I live in Italy, is quite difficult to reach for the New York Times (if not on line!) everyday...
But now I will be updated through their feed... (I love feeds...)
Thanks Serious Eats to make me discover this, among the other thousand discoveries I've made through your community...