03 May 2007

Warning: no food realted post

Update: and at this point, will our super chic, super wit, super bright heroine win over the ugly, nasty and evil hobbit? (No offence to hobbits)
Sorry, after watching all the debate, my nice inspirational mood of early morning was washed away by too many "Madame, are you nervous? Why?", said with that nasty smile on his face... Grrr...

I'm married with a French man, we live in Italy, and this Sunday he is going to vote for the second round of the French presidential election at the Milan French Consulate.
I'm watching the debate that took place yesterday night.
I'm almost in tears... Happy tears!
6 month ago I told my husband that if Ségolène Royal was going to win, we were moving to France.
Watching the debate, honestly, I would like to live in France even if Sarko (and I assure I don't like him AT ALL) wins...
Such class, charm, wit, both of them use their brain.
Of course Ségolène says what I want to ear form the head of the state I would like to live in, but I realize that even the Sarko point of view is understandable.
Let's speak clearly: they are both great politician, they know what they are doing and what they are going to do. Italian politicians don't: they don't know what they are doing, they don't even know what they would like to do...
W la France!
And now I'm going to look how much will it cost a nice little flat... Toulouse, maybe Lyon... Paris is to expensive, but we'll never know... ;-)
And if everything goes wrong, there is always the possibility that Hilary will win in 2008!!!