06 July 2007

Peach and mascarpone syllabub

Syllabub Lamponi e pesche (1).jpg

I really love syllabubs: they are simple, quick, always good and looking always good!
This peach, raspberries and mascarpone verrines are from a BBC Good Food insert about Summer Entertaining: so summery! So refreshing! Indeed... ;-)

4 thick slices of Madeira cake (which I made, but you'll get the recipe another time! Just for your knowledge, I follow Nigella's recipe)
2 peaches or nectarine
The juice of 1 orange
120 g of raspberries
250 g of mascarpone
140 ml of cream
1 tablespoon of honey

Break the Madeira cake slices in big chunks, lay them in 4 glasses and cover it with the fruits.
In a big bowl, whisk together mascarpone, cream, orange juice and honey. Spoon it over the fruits.
Chill for at least 2 hours, then serve.