29 August 2007

And that's only a part of it!

Of course I've eaten much more than this!!! And many many more dishes of foie gras, even fresh, just seared: heavenly melting in the mouth!!! France has many many layers of astonishing gastronomy, from Michelin starred restaurants (in which, of course, I haven't took picture: I have my own ethics!) to street markets, to village's fairs serving grilled beef to a series of places where you think you are going to eat something absolutely not remarkable and then you are pleasantly surprise by a maîtrise that you'll never imagine! But about the Many Wonders of French Gastronomy, or The Gourmet Traveller, I shall speak about in other upcoming posts!!!
Here we go!

Calissons d'Aix.jpg

Colourful macarons.jpg
For Robyn! :-)

Coffee and speculos.jpg
The only Italian look like coffee we had! For Sigrid (mainly for the Speculos! ;-D)!

Amuse bouche saisonal.jpg

Foie gras terrine.jpg
The last bite of this gorgeous Foie Gras terrine, just when I remembered that I had a blog and not only a greedy stomach!!!

3 chocolate tart.jpg

Spanish peaches.jpg

One of the few picture I took the only day we were in Spain, in Pamplona


Fete de la Blonde.jpg
And they were grilling Blonde (a French cow) just beside the alive cows that were there for the awards for the most beautiful Blonde... How nasty are those French??? ;-)

Piment d'Espelette
Piment d'Espelette: a tasty treat!