16 October 2007

World Bread Day: Sumac Focaccia Bread

Sumac focaccia

Today it's World Bread Day!!!!
I consider focaccia a type of flat bread, as it is the way I eat it most of the time: if I have friends coming over and I do not have fresh bread, I knead a focaccia (my Kenwood chef knead a focaccia, to be precise), and the appetizers are saved!
And sometimes, with focaccia, I get a bit "inspirational"... This time I had some sumac lying around and so I sprinkle the top of it before to bake it... And I even made it whole grain this time...

300 g of wholegrain organic flour
100 g of strong flour
7 g of fresh yeast
300 ml of warm water
1 teaspoon of sugar
Extra-virgin olive oil

Dissolve yeast with sugar and warm water. Add flours and salt, and knead.
Let it rise or at least 1 hour or until it doubled its volume.
Lay it in an generously oiled oven proof dish and let it rise again.

Preheat the oven at maximum, sprinkle focaccia with sumc and bake until golden.

Serve straight away.