15 January 2008


What do you normally do to free overwhelming anger?
Avoiding killing someone, I mean! ;-) Ok, maybe beginning a list of people you hate, but I need something physical...
Personally, I cook difficult recipes. Very difficult recipes...
As at this very moment I'm not surrounded by my cook book collection, but I have a wider option: the world wide web.
Now the problem is that if you google "easy recipes" more then 3 million entries appears. BUT if you google "difficult recipes" less then a million.

Let's face it: our life is getting, day by day, lazier.
Nobody is willing any more to cook something that will employ your time for more then 1 hour or that will employ some skills.
I'm the first to use a stand mixer or a blender, but just beacuse they do thing better then me, not because they do them faster!
From time to time I enjoy challenging my self with something complicated, really hard, troublesome, ambitious, just to please me (Hey, I've done it!) and my hubby (Hey, she's done it!)...
And since I have the blog, the screaming crowds under my window! But I will just throw you a (store bought) croissant... :-P

So, what shall I cook tonight instead of writing an angry letter to Sandra Bullock telling her I can't stand any more her greasy hair and that will all the money she has she should get a decent hairdresser?