30 March 2008

Daring Bakers: Perfect Party Cake

Daring bakers Party Cake

[Update: the pictures were added Monday, 31 March 2008, at 8.56, Italy Time for the reasons explained below]

Oh gosh, it's today! I though it was for tomorrow!
I was freely going around the net this morning, when I hit my FaceBook page and saw a random status message from Jean Aw, Tastespotting founder, saying "... it's that time of month ~ the Daring Bakers have struck again..." (I think on the daring baker day she receives hundreds of picture of the same cake: must be real fun for her! ;) and I thought: oh my, is it TODAY?
Then I saw that Ivonne poked me (always on FaceBook), as to wake me up, and then it struck me: IT IS TODAY!!! and my pictures are on the other computer! F@#§*!!!
For pictures you should wait the early morning of tomorrow, which means that in some part of the eastern world will be still sunday, so I should be "safe"! :)
And if you do not believe me I made it, you can ask to my friend Sara: she ate it at the beginning of March, when I made it, and she loved it! Although she asked me repeatedly for the recipe and I was oblige to tell her that it was a secret! :P
This cake was honestly AMAZING!!!
As everybody else experienced, this cake was marvellous!
At the beginning I was a bit concerned about the fact that no yolk are used in cake base, but this trick turned out to be so clever! I had a wonderfully light and fluffy base!
And for once I turned off the fan in my oven and baked the cake with heat coming from below and the upper part, and it came out perfectly flat, not in a dome shape like all the other time I baked a fluffy base!
I was relieved I wasn't obliged to make the buttercream: I'm in a low sugar kind of diet, so buttercream will be so wrong for me! So I decided to go for whipped cream, with little sugar.
I used blackberries jam (without sugar) for the filling and raspberries for the final touch, that as usually with me, turned out to be fairly simple, although right now I'm carving in front of Ivonne and Tartellete pictures, just to name two! :) And you can check out all the others here!
I promise, tomorrow first thing in the morning, the pictures! Wait for them!

P.S. I forgot that a shot of the cake was already on-line, in a Nigella Lawson style, with a friend holding it! :D

Daring Bakers Party cake, cut

[note to self: it's not the first time FaceBook saves my butt, so stop saying bad thing about it, ok?]