25 February 2007

Those ugly little scones...

scone with jam.jpg

Or how to make scones for an afternoon tea with no all purpose flour in the house and the last time you shopped on line instead of normal cow milk you bought goat milk...

This afternoon some friends are coming over, so we decided we could indulge in a little English tea party, at 5 pm sharp!
I love scones, as I already said in the past, and they are so perfect with a bit of jam (figs jam from my father in law production in the picture above) or marmalade, that I can't stop myself from baking them when a sudden urge come up in my mind!
So, here they are, Whole wheat, goat milk and Corinth raisins scones...
Do I have to tell you from what the recipe comes from, or you can just imagine it?

165 g of whole wheat flour
165 g of manitoba (strong) flour
2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of sodium
1 pack of chemical yeast
1 teaspoon of salt
65 g of cold butter, diced
300 ml of goat milk
100 g of Corinth raisins

Turn on the oven at 200° C.
Mix together flours, salt, bicarbonate and yeast. Add the diced cold butter and crumble everything. Add all in once the milk and mix briefly. transfer the sticky mixture on a very floured surface and begin to knead until is everything combined. At this stage you will need a lot of flour, but the dough should remain sticky.
roll it with your hands in a disc 2,5 cm high and cut out 12 circle with a glass. Transfer the circle on a baking sheet, leaving them near one another, and bake for 15 minutes. If you like you can egg wash them.
Serve warm.