11 March 2007

Come as you are muffins...

Come as you are muffins.jpg

That is what could happen in a normal household on a (sunny) Sunday morning, when you say to your (normally clever and wit) husband: "Dear, I'm going to take a shower. Can you watch the muffins in the oven in the mean while? I put the timer, when it rings take them out".
I came out of the bathroom and the house was filled with a nice smell, but getting toward the kitchen, the smell was more towards burn than nice... And there they were: my muffins, half burned, still in the oven!!!
And all this because, as all of you understood since the cradle, cookbooks give ALWAYS the wrong timing, and because my dear French man was peacefully reading his wine notes...
So here they are: "Come as you are" muffins.

225 g of flour
1 package of chemical yeast
75 g of rolled oats
185 g of raisins
80 g f butter
4 table spoons of honey
2 egg
280 g of yoghurt

Preheat the oven at 180° C.
Melt butter and honey. Set aside and let it cool a little.
Mix all the dry ingredients. Make a wheel in the centre. Mix together eggs and yoghurt, add it to the dry ingredients altogether with butter and honey. Mix but do not over do, as you need lumps.
Spoon the mixture in a 12 muffins tin, covered with paper cups, and bake for 20 minutes.
Serve hot.

Recipe adapted from Muffins, Le cordon Bleu, Konemann, 1998.

P.S. Those muffins are dedicated to a dear expat friend: she loves muffins, she collected more than 80 muffin recipes through a meme and now she's going to open her own muffin factory, aka no more time for blogging! ;-)