21 June 2007

Salted twists

Twist a la fleur de sel.jpg

Lately I'm more on simple, quick and not so complicated stuff then anything else... It's hot here in Italy, and the hotter it is, the sleepier I am...
So, simple, quick, even for friends coming over to dinner!
This twists are wonderful with a sparkle of fleur de sel or some parmigiano or other grated cheese or some tapennade...
All you have to do is to buy a nice and good quality puff pastry (but if you are so brave to make it, KUDOS! Just the thought of all that turns make me yawing!), lay it on the table, sparkle it with cheese of olive paté, fold it in half, cut long thin stripes, then, with each end between the thumb and the index finger of each hand.
If you are using the fleur de sel, twist them and then sparkle with salt.

Cooked in a pre-heated oven until golden

Serve with aperitifs.