18 June 2007

The best scone I've ever baked

Apricot scone.jpg

Seriously!Those are the simplest, tastier and better looking scones I've ever baked, and you all know my addiction to this wonderful English treats!
Sunday morning I woke up early and already annoyed and so what could I do better if not baking? And baking scones, what there is better in life then that??? Apart the obvious, ok... ;-)

This recipe, with the due changes and personalizations, is from this month BBC Good Food.

125 g of wholewheat flour
100 g of flour
10 g f chemical yeast for cakes
1 and 1/2 tablespoons of brown sugar
40 g of softened butter
150 ml of milk
100 g of minced dried apricot
1 egg yolk, beaten, to glaze

Preheat the oven at 180°C.
In a food processor, mix all the ingredients, in the given order, except the apricot and the egg yolk.
You'll obtain a wet mix, bot do not worry. Add the apricots by hand, then, on a floured surface, lay down the dough 2 centimetres thick. This is the whole trick: the dough must be thick! I made some scones with a thinner dough and they came out quite ugly!

Cut it out with a glass or a cookie cutter.
Brush them with the beaten egg yolk, then cook them for 10 minutes in the hot oven.

Eat them warm, but they are still good even cold!

Enjoy them with some clotted cream and some jam!