17 October 2007

Sometime something different happens!!!

There are so many different blogosferes around!
Sure one of the most powerful, or at least in Italy, is the blogosphere that speaks about technology (Yawn! Ops, sorry, I almost felt asleep)...
The Italian average technological blogger is, of course, male, geek (just to be nice and not calling him nerd!), is among the first 100 most known Italian bloggers (following the ranking of a site, which is not considered really reliable!) and its blog is quite boring (sorry to the nice guys I know among them! I really like you as persons, a bit less as bloggers!).
Most of them thinks that only "their kind" of blogospere exists (and I have proff about it, as at one geek dinner I have been lately a guy looked at me completely bewildered hearing me speaking about the food blogosphere!!! "Does it exist?" he said! Ah! What a naive!)...
And they rarely acknowledge the presence of women in the blogosphere... Unless they speak about technology in male terms!
Today la crème de la crème of female Italian blogosphere decided to act against their boring and grey male counterparts: they all published a post about THE argument that only us can understand: our period, our flow!!! Menstruation for dummies!
And that was one the funniest and lightest thing of an average day among Italian blogosphere!!!
If you speak Italian, why not go to read something different???
Here are some of the contributors (girls I know in person, but there are MANY others!!!):