22 November 2007



Note: first of all thank for the sympathetic comments of you all! My last post wasn't an adieu, but just a way to tell you that I want to find a different way to food blog! :-)

When I was little, in Italy they were showing on tv one of the saddest movie I ever seen (right after Remi, the saddest anime of all!!!): Incompreso. Basically it was the story of a motherless child misunderstood by his father... I'm in pain just thinking about it!!!
Anyway, back to my point!
Us, food bloggers: we are a misunderstood specie of this tech world!
How many times have you found yourself taking a picture of some juicy dish in front of you and then feeling weirdly looks all around you??? Many... Too many ;-)

The picture above was taken last september, at one of the Wagamama in London (here my "review"): I was eating alone, as often happens when I'm in London, as I'm there ALONE, working (insert Sara with sad face here), and I had to (I really felt the urge!) take a picture of the (average) food I was eating, to witness the fact that Wagamama is not so good as everybody says (better than the average fast food, but for the price I've paid, way too much, I would have preferred a REAL Japanese or Chinese or Thai alternative)...
The place was crowded and I had to share a table with a large group of English people.
Do I have to explain you the weird looks I've got???
I'm not form Mars: I am just a food blogger!!!
I even heard someone saying: "Oh my, she's taking pictures of her food" with a disbelieved tone...
I should find a line to answer to people like that: nice, funny, simple, and maybe that won't involve any strange word that will mathematically point me out as a foreign...
Ok, I ask to much: let's stick to a nice smile!!! :-)