31 January 2008

Raw, part 2: chirashi, kind of

Salmon raw, part 2

Well, the real chirashi is obviously different, better, with more fish...
I've tried my best with what I had: it!
So I used the same thin slices I used for the sushi and instead of doing little balls of the sushi rice, I put everything in a bowl, cover it with the fish and sprinkled it with a Japanese chilli pepper mix.

A short note on this raw posts: as you read, few days ago I bought a whole salmon of 2 kilos. I processed all that night, but as I'm lazy (and wise), I'll give slow sips of what I did with it. This doesn't mean I ate the fish, raw, after 1 week. It only means I ate that night, took picture of it, then published it little by little...