09 October 2006


I received it! This morning! I was so exited that I felt like that Christmas my parents gave the Barbie House!!!! So exited that I had to take the picture in no time, because I wanted to blog about it… And begin to dig in it, testing everything!!!! My package was form Caryn, from Reality Bites, the woman with the most beautiful handwriting I ever seen!!! She labelled every item, with a little description and some notes! She lives in Exeter, Devon, Uk, so the pack was plenty of English goodies!!! And until this morning I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed cheddar!!! I felt like Wallace from Wallace & Gromit: “Mmmmh, Cheeeeeese!!!!”
My husband is away for business until tomorrow night, so I hope I can wait to dig in it, so I will give him a surprise English dinner (he doesn’t read my blog… And if neither my husband nor my friends read my blog, who’s reading it then???), in memories of the old times, when he lived in Bedfordshire!

So, getting there in order:

Centre: the whole package on my kitchen table. My cat wants particularly to thank you for the plastic rope that get the package together: he loves them and he’s playing with them ever since!!!
Clockwise, from up left to down left:
- Tyrells hand fried vegetable chips, natural beetroot, parsnip and carrot: WOW it’s the only word that come to my mind! You can’t imagine my effort to take my hands far from it!
- English tea: breakfast, afternoon and London tea!!!
- Homemade butternut squash muffin, spicy, plenty of raisins: just delicious!!! Ok, for those I couldn’t wait!
- South Devon Chilli Farm, Chilli chocolate: exquisite!!!
- Godminster Cheddar: THE English cheese, it’s since 1999 I do not eat a piece of it! So glad to have it my fridge!!!
- Fudges Oat Crackers: “Gromit, we have crackers but no cheese, Gromit! Not a bit in the house!” Now I’ve got both and I don’t have to go to the moon to find cheese to go with my crackers!
- Maldon Salt: I always wanted some but never got!!! So many recipes crossing my mind!!!
- The Poacher’s Relish: Smoked salmon relish with lemon zest: to use very sparingly!!! You think it possible???
- And Somerset cider Brandy Butter, in a separate, red, festive box, to include a treat I have never tried and I will sure make some pancakes as soon as possible!!!

Thanks Caryn, you made my first EBBP a wonderful experience, never to forget!