26 December 2006

Pandoro&Panettone Tiramisù

Tiramisù is one of those Italian desserts known all around the world. It’s simple and quick to make, adaptable in various ways and so so so good!!!
The only “rule” you have to follow is to use mascarpone cheese. You can use ricotta, but mascarpone is the only that makes sense: if you are going to eat tiramisu you must forget diet or lightness!

This version is slightly different form the original one: after Xmas day everybody in Italy has to deal with leftovers, and sure in most Italian homes there will be half panettone and half pandoro.
We are very peaky about panettone and pandoro! There are three different factions: the one that likes ONLY panettone, the one that likes ONLY pandoro, and the one that likes both. So you must provide both! And, honestly, there is a fourth faction (my favourite!) that like panettone, but only with raisins, without those annoying pieces of candy oranges…

For 8 200 ml glasses

1 kg of mascarpone
6 eggs
6 tablespoons of sugar
Coffee (but I personally prefer hot chocolate)
Whiskey or grappa or rum

1/2 pandoro
1/2 panettone
Or 1 entire pandoro or panettone


Divide the eggs, and mix the egg yolks with sugar. Whip up the egg whites.
Mix mascarpone with the egg yolks, slowly add the egg whites, and combine well.
In each glass or in a big shallow dish, lay a spoon of cream. Mix coffee and the liquor you are using. Tear apart panettone and pandoro and lightly deep each piece in the coffee. Lay a piece over the cream, cover it with cream and continue to layer very glass, ending with a layer of cream. Dust with cocoa and refrigerate.
It’ better do it the day before, so it can rest overnight in the fridge.