04 May 2007

Monthly Mingle: Spring (rainy) soup

Zuppa d'asparagi.jpg

It's finally raining!!! After a very long period of sun (and it was beginning to annoying me: I love rain!!!) we finally have a long deserved rain! So now everybody can complain about rain, and how it will ruin the crops, and that of course veggy and fruits will be expensive... Exactly how they would complain if there was sun...
Anyway, asparagus are THE spring vegetable, and as we are deeply in to spring and soon even the asparagus season will be over, let's make something with them!
I personally love them just steamed, qith nothing more... When I was living at my parents, we had many asparagus Sunday's lunch: many bunches of asparagus, steamed and eaten just with some butter, fried eggs and lots of Parmesan cheese... Heaven!
But as is raining, the only way that came to my mind to cook the sad asparagus that were living in my fridge since two weeks, was to soup them!
Just boil all the asparagus, except some heads, in not to much salted water.
Mix everything and enjoy with the steamed heads!
W spring!