27 September 2007

Guinness chicken

Pollo alla guinness.jpg

My first encounter with an English spoken country was Ireland, in 1992.
And it was even my first vacations with friends, without my parents. It was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had: being a teenager, in a foreign country, in one of the most amazing and lively European capitals, very different from now days Dublin (I mean, Dublin is still an amazing city, but completely different!). And, of course, my first encounter with beer. But Irish, black, thick, tasty beer: Guinness.
Even today, 15 years later, every time I take a sip of Guinness, my memory goes back at those days. And I feel 18 again (well, I was still 17 that summer, but I never told it to the bartenders!)…

Chicken breast, in stripes

Marinate the chicken breast stripes in the Guinness for few hours. Grill the chicken pieces and serve it with a nice salad.

Simple, quick, satisfying…