29 October 2007

Daring Bakers: Bostoni Cream Pie (OH, MY!)

From the side

I’m late, I know!
I mean, in Italy is still the 29th October, so technically, I’m ok… But I wanted to publish it sooner, but, honestly, I was too lazy to make it before today, so, here I am, in the rush to use the last glimpses of day light!

Well, I was too lazy, that’s for sure, but other factor combine to my laziness:
1- I wasn’t attracted by the recipe (sorry Alpineberry!!! Nothing to do with you, absolutely: it’s me that is wrong!), not because it didn’t seem good or doable… But just because those kind of cakes doesn’t really make me scream in joy… I had to take EVERYTHING back!
2- I actually had not a lot of time this month (and all the months coming by), but at one point this morning, looking at all the wonderful recipes from all the other dear Daring Bakers from all over the world, I felt SAD! I want to be part of this wonderful and growing group, and if I wasn’t going to complete this task I had to leave, as I already jumped two!!! And, anyway, what’s the use of being a part of a community if you don’t participate to community events???
3- The whole point of this group is to challenge our skills, learning from errors and from tasks that seems too difficult or too easy! This time, the task seemed too easy to me, way to easy! BUT, even if easy, I’ve learned few things, like how to make a very good custard with not a lot of sugar, or that what in Italy is called Pan di Spagna, somewhere else is called chiffon cake… Only one problem: as I’m Pan di Spagna challenge, so I am even Chiffon cake challenge… It was so thin I had to put 2 disk in each serving…

All this to say that the cake was, as in the title, OH MY!!!
So good!!!
So light, so simple, so quick (the overall process didn’t take me more then 45 minutes, not counting the cooling time!) and yet so rewarding!

Another Daring Baker task completed! Another challenge done! Another happy day spent baking!!!

Daring Bakers rock!!!

Creamy creamy glass

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